A CYCLIST from Wallingford will be riding 800 miles across eight days in memory of a 22-year-old man who passed away from bone cancer.

Steve Luck is taking on the challenge in memory of Alex Lewis who passed away from osteosarcoma only days after his birthday in February 2011. He was diagnosed after suffering recurrent pain in his arm at 17-years-old.

Mr Luck will be cycling from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland starting on May 22 to Lewes in East Sussex to raise funds for the Bone Cancer Research Trust in Alex’s name.

Herald Series: Steve LuckSteve Luck

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Andy Lewis, Alex’s father and trustee of the charity, said: “Shortly before we lost Alex he talked about fundraising ideas and the idea of biking between two places that have meaning for us came up, such as Lewis and Lewes.

“Alex was too unwell to take on the challenge himself but the idea of it was established and sparked our good friend Steve into doing it - this is a mammoth effort and one which is truly awesome.”

Herald Series: Steve LuckSteve Luck

Mr Luck added: “I took up the baton with the intention of doing the ride nearly seven years ago but I was diagnosed with cancer and then the lockdowns stopped me in my tracks.

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“Now fully recovered but older, nearer 70 than 68, I’m excited about taking on the challenge in Alex’s memory.”

To donate, visit: justgiving.com/Steve-Luck1 


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