Tickets are now on sale to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s record-breaking 70-year reign at Rye Farm Meadow in Abingdon.

The community is invited to a weekend of celebration with food, drink, music, entertainers and stalls.

Abingdon Mayor Andy Foulsham has said ticket sales have started to pick up for the long-weekend event.

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To kick start the celebrations on Wednesday June 1 a concert with the tribute band The Smyths headlining and oxford band The Dead Beat Apostles as the supporting act.

Also on June 1, the ATOM Science Festival will present a talk at the Unicorn Theatre by Professor Frank Close on 70 years of science in Abingdon.

Herald Series: Abingdon bun throwing 2016Abingdon bun throwing 2016

A range of clubs and societies in Abingdon will be at Rye Farm to promote their activities on June 2.

Live music and performances will be in the main field in the evening and in the day people can enjoy a traditional Punch and Judy performance.

On Friday 3, the live music continues with bands including Von Braun, Mighty Redox, Barracne, Molly Davies taking to the stage. 

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For a more relaxed way to enjoy the event, the town and its surroundings, the Friends of Abingdon will conduct guided walks around the town which have been created specially to mark the Platinum Jubilee.  

Herald Series: Queen's 90th birthday celebration in Abingdon Queen's 90th birthday celebration in Abingdon

More live music will be entertaining Abingdon residents on Saturday June 4. Dance displays, sports groups demonstrating activities, balloon modelling and face painting will also be at Rye Farm.

Lastly, on Sunday June 5, there will be a bun throwing event in the Market Place at 5pm and Abingdon Concert Band will provide the music form 4pm.

Abingdon Mayor Andy Foulsham is looking forward to the Jubilee celebrations especially as it will be his first bun throwing.

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Mr Foulsham said: “I am delighted with all the stuff we are putting on for the Jubilee. It is promising to be a full on few days and it will get the community back together to make the most of the event.”

Herald Series: 2016 bun throwing in Abingdon 2016 bun throwing in Abingdon

He added: “This is actually going to be the first bun throwing I have done; I have never been at the top of the council museum before to throw buns.”

Abingdon councillor Samantha Bowring said: “It is a chance to celebrate after a couple of years of not being able to mix.

“Because everyone has had two years of not being able to do much, we are trying to use this as a bounce back event.

“It gives people an opportunity to meet clubs and societies and see what is going on.”

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