UNKEMPT grass and shrubs across Didcot have been described as “tatty and untidy” by people living in the area.

Long grass verges have been pictured across the town on the side of pavements, buildings, fences and bollards.

In a post on Facebook, people living in the town complained about the “huge weeds, poorly cut grass, muddy areas and scruffy pavements” and asked why they hadn’t been maintained.

Herald Series: (Credit: Lesley Lathrop)(Credit: Lesley Lathrop)

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However, others commented that the wildlife is good for bees and they would “rather see council money spent on healthcare”.

Herald Series: (Credit: Lesley Lathrop)(Credit: Lesley Lathrop)

A spokesman from Didcot Town Council said the grass areas are maintained by different councils including Oxfordshire County Council and South Oxfordshire District Council.

He said: “It’s a bit of mix match of responsibility. People have complained on the phone to us about it but a lot of it is due to the No Mow May scheme and the Jubilee weekend. On the other hand, a lot of other people have complimented the scheme”.

Herald Series: (Credit: Lesley Lathrop)(Credit: Lesley Lathrop)

A spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council added: “Oxfordshire County Council has scaled back on verge cutting due to financial constraints, so now only the sections needed for vision splays and safety reasons are cut regularly.

Herald Series: (Credit: Lesley Lathrop)(Credit: Lesley Lathrop)

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“Everything else is cut once every three years on rotation. Our road verge nature reserves are also cut once a year.”

Herald Series: (Credit: Lesley Lathrop)(Credit: Lesley Lathrop)

South Oxfordshire District Council has also been asked for a comment.


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