A MEDICAL practice in Didcot has had to move some services due a lack of space after a promised new surgery is yet to be built.

Staff at Woodlands Medical Centre, in Woodlands Road, have had to move services such as the sexual health unit to accommodate other staff despite Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Vale of White Horse District Council promising a new surgery 14 years ago.

Residents who have since moved into the 3,500-home Great Western Park estate are also frustrated by the lack of medical infrastructure.

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Many struggle to get appointments at existing surgeries due to the number of patients and lack of staff members. Woodlands Medical Centre had 10,000 patients registered in 2018 which has since risen to 17,500.

Herald Series: Woodlands Medical CentreWoodlands Medical Centre

However, £648,000 in off-site contributions are due to be allocated to the surgery from Bloor Homes and Dare Warwick (Properties) after the developers received planning permission for 750 new homes at Ladygrove.

Councillor David Rouane, who represents Didcot, said he was concerned about this allocation as it is “miles away” from the planned estate.

He said: “The money is supposed to offset the impact of the development but it’s offsetting the development in Great Western Park so it’s always a step behind. Do we need to wait for the next big development to offset the impact of Ladygrove?”

The money is to help the surgery expand but the OCCG have still vowed that the new surgery will open by 2025.

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Despite the increase in patients and pressure, a community hospital in Wantage Road has received five stars from reviews submitted on the “I Want Great Care” website.

Herald Series: Staff at Didcot Community HospitalStaff at Didcot Community Hospital

Didcot Community Hospital, which provides rehabilitation and palliative care for those who no longer require the services of an acute hospital, has a range of outpatient clinics in addition to inpatient beds.

The hospital has a team of nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, supported by a number of other medical teams.

Helen Reynolds, ward manager, said: “Our team work hard to provide a friendly and caring service to our patients.

“We are extremely happy that we are being appreciated by our patients and their families. The fact they are taking the time to review our hard work on the ‘I Want Great Care’ platform, keeps us motivated and driven.”

One review said: “My stay in the hospital has been the best. I feel the nurses have shown the most kindness when dealing with difficult situations, whilst always remaining cheerful.

“Everyone works to a high standard.”

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Another reviewer added: “Everyone is really kind and friendly, I have been treated as an individual, not just another patient with another ailment.

“The staff are always up for a laugh and the therapy team has worked really hard to get me back on my feet.”


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