A SPECIAL education school has been rated “outstanding” by Ofsted again having maintained the status since 2005.

Students, staff and governors at Fitzwaryn School in Wantage are celebrating after the education watchdog once again rated the school “outstanding” in all areas.

The Denchworth Road school, which is part of the Propeller Academy Trust (PAT), was last rated “outstanding” in October 2014.

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The inspectors described the school as a “joyful place to learn” and noted that “staff make sure that pupils are known, understood, nurtured and kept very safe”.

Inspectors added that “staff teach pupils how to communicate positively about how they are feeling” and how “consequently, pupils’ behaviour is superb”.

The report, which followed a two-day inspection carried out in May, said: “Leaders and governors are clear that the purpose of the school’s curriculum is to help pupils gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their future lives.

“Leaders and staff use their comprehensive knowledge about each pupil’s special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) to make sure that the quality of education that pupils receive is exceptional”.

Headteacher Stephanie Coneboy said everyone is “exceptionally pleased” and staff are proud of the pupils who were “absolutely remarkable during the inspection”.

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She said: “They were so courteous to the inspection team and answered all questions with honesty and clarity. They told the inspection team that they were very happy at school.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the staff for working so very hard to achieve this result and would like to thank each and every one of them for all that they do each and every day - they are truly an amazing team.”

Julie Mabberley, chair of the school's governors, said “I would like to add my thanks to all of my fellow governors (past and present), our wonderful staff and most importantly to the pupils and families who make this all worthwhile.”

Tom Pegler, CEO of PAT, said, “It is fantastic news that, once again, Fitzwaryn has been judged as an outstanding school.

“This is a reflection of all the hard work, dedication and skill of all the staff and the wonderful contributions of its pupils.

“All of us at Propeller Trust are thrilled and proud to have Fitzwaryn blazing a trail of excellence”.

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Jane Edwards, chair of trustees at PAT, added: “As chair of the trust, I am delighted to read this report - it is a fabulous reflection of Fitzwaryn School and all that it stands for.

“Congratulations to everyone, this fantastic achievement is fully deserved”.


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