TOWNS across South Oxfordshire have held proclamations for King Charles III following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II last week.

Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen “died peacefully” on Thursday afternoon (September 8) at Balmoral.

As well as paying respects to Her Majesty, towns also held historic occasions to mark the accession of King Charles III to the throne.

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In Abingdon, the proclamation was held on Sunday (September 11) at 2pm outside the County Hall Museum in the Market Place.

Andy Foulsham, mayor of the town, proclaimed the new monarch before leading the assembled crowd in singing the National Anthem with the words “God Save the King” sang for the first time since 1952.

Herald Series: Didcot Mayor Pam Siggers paying her respects to Queen Elizabeth IIDidcot Mayor Pam Siggers paying her respects to Queen Elizabeth II (Image: N/A)

In attendance was former mayors of Abingdon, MP Layla Moran, the Deputy Lord Lieutenant Robert Kirtland, the commanding officer of the 3rd Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps, and representatives from Thames Valley Police.

The towns proclamation followed on from the announcement of the new monarch in London the previous day and the proclamation for Oxfordshire at 1pm the same day. 

The Union Flag was flown at full mast for the day of the proclamation but has now returned to half-mast to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and will remain so until the day after her funeral on Monday, September 19.

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A proclamation was also made in Didcot on Saturday (September 10). Mayor Pam Siggers raised the flag outside the Didcot Civic Hall in Britwell Road before it was put at half-mast again the following day.

It was also remain at half-mast until Tuesday, September 20.

In Wantage, the proclamation took place on Sunday (September 11) at 1.45pm in the Market Place.

Mayor Jim Sibbald read out the proclamation followed by a set of “sombre pieces” [played by the Wantage Silver Band.

The parish church then attempted a Quarter Peal of six bells at about 3pm.  

Herald Series: Leader of Didcot Town Council, Mocky Khan, with his family Leader of Didcot Town Council, Mocky Khan, with his family (Image: N/A)

Similarly, Grove Parish Council chairman June Stock read the proclamation at 2.30pm on the same day on the Village Green by the junction with Main Street, Oxford Lane and Denchworth Road.

Wallingford Town Council do not host a proclamation of King Charles III as it was “not part of the council’s protocol”.

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In a statement online, a spokesperson for the council said: “We did not host a proclamation of the King in Wallingford as it was not part of our protocol, however the flag was raised at 1pm in line with the guidance.”

However, an evening service of prayer and reflection to mark the death of Her Majesty was held on Sunday (September 11) from 6.30pm in St Mary’s Church.


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