GREEN-MINDED fitness fans are scything their way to good health following a donation to help buy new equipment.

Abingdon Green Gym bought the bladed mowing tools with a donation from housing developer Annington, which is refurbishing former Ministry of Defence houses in Spey Road, Shippon, near Abingdon – known as Lamborough Fields.

The volunteer community group undertakes a variety of environmental management and repair tasks in order to "support and care for green spaces" in Abingdon and surrounding areas.

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Annington's donation will help to cover the costs of much needed agricultural equipment, including three scythes, which will be used to cut grass and remove tough brambles.
Eleanor Dangerfield, chairman at Abingdon Green Gym, said: "The Abingdon Green Gym's task is not only to protect and conserve green spaces but also to provide healthy exercise and social interaction.
"Now that we are at the height of summer, it is vital that we take care of our environment ready for when the autumn months roll in.
"We are grateful for the donation from Annington, which has enabled us to purchase much needed new scythes.
"This specialist equipment will help us to return to traditional methods of maintaining our surroundings."
Stacy Whitehead, marketing manager at Annington, added: "Gifting the scythes not only helps the gym members learn new conservation skills, but also allows Annington to do its part to conserve the local area.

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"This partnership helps to promote a sustainable way of living, and it is crucial that we take care of the environment in which we live.

Herald Series: Abingdon Green GymAbingdon Green Gym (Image: Abingdon Green Gym)

"We hope that our new residents at Lamborough Fields will be inspired by Abingdon Green Gym's conservation work, we are proud to play a role thanks to this donation."

The company purchased 57,434 homes from the MoD in 1996. Most of these properties are currently leased back to the ministry.

However, a significant number have been refurbished by Annington for sale or private rental at open market prices.

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The ex-MOD properties start in price at £280,000. The first homes were released earlier this month.

Annington also privately lets a number of properties, is redeveloping other sites and building new homes.

To date, the company claims to have helped more than 18,000 homebuyers, many of whom were first time buyers and key workers to purchase their first home.


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