PLANS for a new £3m splash park in Didcot have been officially submitted to the planning authority.

Didcot Town Council, who approved the designs for the park for Edmonds Park in July, have sent its plans to South Oxfordshire District Council for planning approval.

The project is due to cost about £450,000 and the “nature themed” splash pad, which will be about 250m2, will have more than 30 different play features including a sprinkle wave, reed shower, butterfly drop, flower aqua tent, curve spray, water arch, swan shower, and more.

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It was considered that with £200,000 in the town council’s reserves, as well as applying for grants, the project would be possible to commit to with “minimal impact” on the budget

If approved by the planning authority, the building of the splash park can officially go ahead.

Herald Series: Edmonds Park where the splash park is planned forEdmonds Park where the splash park is planned for (Image: Google)

Designs for the green, blue, yellow and brown coloured amenity were put together by ’The Splash’, of Kingscombe Stonbury.

The park would take up approximately 0.0 hectares of land which is one mile south of Didcot Parkway Railway.

As well as the new “bespoke” splash park, the town council has also applied for a new “plant room building” which would be seven metres by four metres and constructed of galvanised steel.

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The plant building would have a total height of 3.53m.

In a design and access statement, the town council said: “The proposed development will provide new enhanced facilities which will serve to enhance the user experience of the park which is currently poorly served by play and recreation facilities.

“The proposed development will provide recreation infrastructure that encourages physical exercise, provides accessible open space, provides a link between community facilities and local residents and comprises good quality design.

“There will be no harm, only strong positives in terms of the provision of a bespoke splash park.

“On this basis, and on balance taking into account all the factors above, planning permission should be granted without delay.”

Herald Series: Proposed splash pad in DidcotProposed splash pad in Didcot (Image: n/a)

As well as the splash park, councillors also hope to build a new sports and community pavilion in the same park.

When the plans were first approved amongst Didcot town councillors, leader of the council Mocky Khan said: “Didcot deserves better leisure facilities and these are desperately needed.

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“Young children and families will be able to enjoy having fun and getting wet in the great splash park.

Herald Series: Leader of the council Mocky Khan in Edmonds ParkLeader of the council Mocky Khan in Edmonds Park (Image: n/a)

“The pavilion will provide our local teams a base for their activities and sport. The old pavilion has been demolished as it was not fit for purpose, the new pavilion will be a game changer.

“I have heard so many positive comments from residents and the community, so I know we are doing the right thing.

“These two projects are my main priority and I will ensure that these are delivered.”


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