PEOPLE were invited to Didcot Railway Centre over the weekend to turn their spare apples into juice.

The railway centre in partnership with Sustainable Didcot hosted an apple pressing event on Sunday, October 9.

After people brought their fruit, they were sliced, loaded into a hopper, chopped into smaller pieces and dropped into the pressing area.

Herald Series: Apples being sliced. Picture by Frank DumbletonApples being sliced. Picture by Frank Dumbleton (Image: Picture by Frank Dumbleton)

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The hopper is then replaced with a circular wooden board which is screwed down onto the chopped apples, forcing the juice into a tray at the bottom from which it flows into a container.

Herald Series: Apples being juiced. Picture by Frank DumbletonApples being juiced. Picture by Frank Dumbleton (Image: Picture by Frank Dumbleton)

Photographer and railway volunteer Frank Dumbleton said: “What to do with the glut of apples at this time of year?

“An enjoyable way to spend a sunny autumn afternoon, and gallons of juice to drink.”


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