CONSTRUCTION of a new discount supermarket in Oxfordshire is due to start next year with an opening date of 2024.

Planning permission was granted by The Vale of White Horse District Council’s planning committee for a class E retail store – namely a Lidl – to be built on a green field east of Grove Road, next to Elm Farm Business Park.

Lidl and GSC Estates first submitted plans about two years but they were rejected over concerns it would take up too much green space.

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However, a new application was submitted in February this year which was approved following mass public support.

Herald Series: GSC Estates (Wantage) Limited and Lidl Great Britain LimitedGSC Estates (Wantage) Limited and Lidl Great Britain Limited (Image: GSC Estates (Wantage) Limited and Lidl Great Britain Limited)

Now, construction of the store is due to start in January 2023 with an opening date of early 2024.

Andrew Holding, who founded the Lidl Wantage and Grove Supporters (WAGS) campaigner group, said the news is ‘fantastic’.

“It’s brilliant,” he said. “We will be see the store in 2024, it’s absolutely fantastic news for the whole community.

“Some people are disappointed it’s going to take so long because they see houses popping up so quickly but there’s a lot of work to be done – it’s not a house it’s a commercial premise.

“We’d all like it built sooner but these things are a bit challenging, you never now what you will come up against in the building industry side of things.”

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Mr Holding added that it was ‘people power’ that helped the store get planning permission and that he hopes the budget supermarket will be able to help families during the cost-of-living crisis.

Herald Series: GSC Estates (Wantage) Limited and Lidl Great Britain LimitedGSC Estates (Wantage) Limited and Lidl Great Britain Limited (Image: GSC Estates (Wantage) Limited and Lidl Great Britain Limited)

“We all forward to it,” he said. “I will help a lot of families including mine. Everyone relies on Waitrose and Sainsburys and there are a lot more expensive than Lidl so it’s a much-needed asset for the community.”

Resident Kimberley Hermon added that it is ‘gutting’ how long the construction will take but will be glad not to have to travel to the closest budget supermarket.

She said: “It’s gutting it’s going to take this long before anyone can start shopping there considering the speed of how some of the newbuild houses are put up these days but Andy has very kindly explained the process and to be honest this time last year no one even knew Lidl was even possible.

“A lot of people won’t have to travel so far to find a decent budget grocery store either.”

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Resident Susan Hale Leake added: “It will be a godsend for those unwilling or unable to drive miles.

“Singles make no savings on bulk shopping elsewhere when fuel costs are taken into account so currently have little choice but Sainsbury or Waitrose.”


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