CONCERNS of break-ins, car break-ins and drug dealing have been to an Oxfordshire MP ahead of a local crime summit.

David Johnston, who represents Wantage and Didcot, has announced that he will be hosting a local crime summit following a number of concerns raised by several of his constituents.

He said the reports have been about local crime and anti-social behaviour across the two towns.

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“It is clear that people are very concerned about crime and anti-social behaviour in particular,” said Mr Johnston.

“I live in Didcot and have people there raise this directly with me. This needs to be dealt with as people should feel safe in their own homes and when they are walking around the area they live in.

“I am hosting the local crime summit to give people an opportunity to raise their concerns directly with the Police and the police and Police and Crime Commissioner who will be able to act on them.

“I will also be raising my own concerns, and I am in regular contact with the police on behalf of constituents who contact me about this.

“I hope that the Summit will be a first-step in tackling this problem, and I will be pressing the police to deal with the issues that are raised.

“I have also been raising this at Westminster and met with the previous Home Secretary to push for the new laws that came in this year to tackle anti-social behaviour from unauthorised travellers.

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“I am going to be taking away the issues identified at the Summit to raise with the Home Secretary and the Policing Minister.”

The event will be held in Wantage alongside Thames Valley Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Barber.

The event will be an opportunity for constituents to hear from the Mr Barber about the work they are doing to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour as well as to raise their own concerns about local issues.

The summit will take place on Thursday, November 10 from 6:30pm to 8pm at St Peter and St Paul Church in Church Street, Wantage.

Mr Johnston added: “I will also be taking the most pressing issues away to raise with the Home Secretary and the Policing Minister and ensuring Thames Valley Police are held accountable for dealing with constituent concerns.

“I am in regular contact with the police on behalf of constituents who contact me. Anyone is welcome to attend the Crime Summit to hear the discussions and I will be posting regular updates on my progress in tackling local crime and anti-social behaviour.”

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For anyone who would like to attend should register on Mr Johnston’s website, visit


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