AN Oxfordshire MP is ‘outraged’ as figures show schools in Oxford West and Abingdon face cuts of £1.6million in their spending power.

Liberal democrat MP Layla Moran, of Oxford West and Abingdon has written to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt urging him ‘not to make children and young people pay for the Conservatives’ botched budget’ by cutting school and college funding.

Figures, published last week by the ‘School Cuts’ campaign run by teaching unions, revealed that schools in Oxford West and Abingdon will have £127 less to spend per pupil during the next year academic year compared to this year.

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Several schools and parents have written to Ms Moran outlining the ‘extreme challenges’ that schools are facing.

Ms Moran said: “As a teacher, I saw the power of education to transform the lives of young people.

“And yet this Conservative government seems intent on making it as hard as possible for schools to succeed in doing so.

“Schools are facing huge challenges in balancing their budgets and are really concerned that continued cuts will force them to limit their curriculums and teaching support.

“Some schools are being forced to choose between teaching children or heating classrooms. That is simply unacceptable.

“It’s vital that Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt confirm that they will not cut real-terms funding for schools and colleges during next week’s Autumn Statement.

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“Children and young people in our community should not be made to pay the price for the Conservatives’ incompetence.”


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