“The Conservative party has broken Britain,” said an Oxfordshire MP in response to the Chancellor’s autumn statement.

Liberal democrat Layla Moran, who represents Oxford West and Abingdon, has responded to Jeremy Hunt’s autumn statement which states the Government will ‘deliver a plan to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and rebuild the UK economy’.

He added that his priorities are ‘stability, growth, and public services’ and is providing ‘fair solutions’.

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However, Ms Moran has criticised the statement.

She said: “The Conservative Party has broken Britain. They have trashed our economy, squandered our international reputation, and pushed public services to breaking point.

“All over the country, higher food prices and soaring energy bills have meant millions of people are already struggling just to make ends meet.

“Now the government is expecting hard-working people to pay the price for their mistakes, inflicting eye-watering tax hikes and real-terms cuts to public services.

“People across Oxfordshire are fed up with the revolving door of Conservative Ministers delivering devastating economic policies.

“Parents are exhausted with backlogs in SEND services, people are struggling to access the NHS services they need, and as the winter nights get colder, more and more people are unable to turn their heating on.

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“People in Oxfordshire deserve better. This country deserves better. We need a general election now, so we can send this disastrous Conservative government packing from power.”


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