DRAMATIC video footage of the dangers of a Christmas tree igniting in the home has been released by the fire service.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service share the video around the festive season to warn people about the dangers of lights on a real tree.

The footage shows a real tree which has been in a dry warm home for several days catching fire and within seconds the whole of the room is engulfed in flames.

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The fire service states even if a person was awake in the room they probably would not have been able to escape.

In a statement on Facebook, the service said: “We've shown it before, but it is worth showing again, and again, and again to highlight the dangers of faulty Christmas lights or careless use of candles near to a Christmas tree.

“In under one minute the whole room is on fire, even a well-watered tree will easily burn after a couple of weeks, make sure your lights are tested, and naked flames kept well away.”


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