LEADER of Didcot Town Council is ‘shocked and disappointed’ about the burglary of a toy store which has since permanently closed.

Toys UK, in Broadway, has announced the store is closed after a van full of toys, mainly Lego, was taken on Saturday, November 19.

Police have launched an appeal for witnesses of the burglary which took place between 3.30pm and 4am.

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In a poster left in the stores window, it says: “We regret to advise that this store is now closed. You can still contact us on: sales@toys-uk.co.uk or visit us online at toys-uk.co.uk.

“Thank you for your support over the years, we will miss you all.”

Councillor Mocky Khan said he is disappointed something like that happened in the town and wants to encourage the community not to be deterred by the incident.

“I was shocked that such a shop which is aimed at families and children has been targeted especially at such an important part of the year,” he said. “It would have been a peak season for them.

“Broadway has been struggling due to the cost-of-living crisis so for a local business to shut after being targeted like this is unforgivable. 

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“It’s really disappointing as I would like Broadway to be the ultimate shopping hub of Didcot. There are the shops that provide for local residents and provide jobs and I would like that to continue.

“Residents can’t afford to have mindless people ruining it for us as we have to make sure that shops survive.

“I’m aware people are shopping online and watching their budget but I would encourage people to shop locally as they need our support.”

Mr Khan added that residents should ‘not be worried’ about crime in general but urged people to remain vigilant.

He said: “We should all stand together to say this criminal activity will not deter the people of Didcot enjoying the community we live in.

“Didcot is a great place to live, we need to stand together and show those mindless so and so’s that we are not going to stand for it and we’re going to carry on.”

Residents have been upset to hear about the stores closure commenting it is sad to see an independent trader leave the town during a turbulent period in the economy.

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Mr Khan said: “The cost-of-living crisis is making it tough out there and people are struggling but as a councillor there is a lot of support available if people need it on the council’s website.”

The Oxford Mail have contacted the business but it has not confirmed the closure is a direct result of the burglary.


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