A NEW 20mph speed limit will be introduced to several streets in Didcot.

Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, has approved the introduction of a 20mph speed limit for residential streets in Ladygrove.

Most of Great Western Park in Didcot already has a 20mph limit and Didcot Town Council will be consulting on proposals for the rest of the town.

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It is hoped the move will ‘help promote alternative modes of transport for local travel’.

The move was supported by the town council and by the area's Liberal Democrat County Councillor David Rouane.

He said: "Ladygrove is fortunate to have many footpaths and cycleways which enable people to move around the estate safely, but sooner or later they have to cross a busy road.

“The experience of many towns around the world is that by reducing speed limits to 20mph, should the worst happen and an accident occur, the risk of death or serious injury is almost eliminated.

“If we want to reduce congestion in the town then we have to make it safer for more people to walk or cycle to school, work or the shops.

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“Every road in Ladygrove has either houses or a school, which means that it has children walking, running or dancing along it. We want them to be able to do that safely."


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