A NATIONAL speed limit road in Oxfordshire has been temporarily reduced to 30mph for a year and a half.

The A4130 in Didcot, between the Milton Interchange and the traffic lights for Great Western Park, has had a speed reduction due to works being carried out creating a new junction for the Valley Park development.

Oxfordshire County Council announced the traffic order would be in place from December 12. 

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It was first proposed that temporary traffic lights be placed in the area with only a single lane open but a councillor were worried this would create ‘chaos and long queues’.

Councillor Ian Snowdon, who represents Didcot West on South Oxfordshire District Council, said: “The need to reduce the speed limit is for the safety of the workers, the lane widths will be narrowed to allow a safe work area.

“Originally the contractors requested traffic lights for only a single lane to be open in this entire stretch of the A4130, I was absolutely against this as it would have resulted in months of complete chaos, and long queues.

“This is the lesser of two evils in my mind. The traffic road order has a maximum 18-month permit.

“However, once the works are complete the speed limit will revert back immediately. This is a temporary speed reduction.

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“I wish they were building a new health centre or leisure facilities rather than more houses and roads.”

One driver agreed with Mr Snowdon that the speed reduction was better than traffic lights.

He said: “This makes total sense and the safety to our workers is paramount. Well done for whoever was involved in getting this actioned.”

However, not all commuters using the road agreed it was the correct decision.

Commenting on Didcot Community Facebook page, one driver said: “What a stupid idea, if they wanted to reduce the speed, temporarily reduce it to 40mph, it would be a constant speed all the way along and no need to change any signs.”

Another commuter added: “Another very clever bit of planning without consultation that makes no sense whatsoever.

“It is 40mph at both ends of the road where it is more built up and has more turnings and junctions, but the middle that’s basically straight and empty has to be 30mph?”

Another resident feared the change would become permanent due to the new houses being built nearby.

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They commented: “This will become permanent once the housing development is finished. I bet my last penny on it and getting to Milton in rush hour will become a nightmare.”


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