LAND near a farm in Oxfordshire could be used temporarily for filming ‘high-end’ productions.

E&E Industries has applied to South Oxfordshire District Council for the temporary change of use of land north of Manor Farm in Cuxham for ‘film support services area to be used in association with temporary film making operations at Manor Farm’.

It has also applied for the erection of associated temporary structures.

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Temporary film making operations have already been approved at Manor Farm by the planning authority but the applicant hopes to make use also of the 0.8 hectares of land north of the farm.

The proposed film-making operations at Manor Farm will span a period of nine months from March 1, 2023 to December 1, 2023.

However, the use of the additional land will only take place over 15 days during that time frame with some night filming.

In a planning application made on behalf of E&E Industries by Planit Films LTD, it states: “Activity within the film and high-end TV sectors has accelerated in recent years with more frequent high value productions filmed in the UK.

“Demand for filming on location, which makes use of sites such as Manor Farm, has also increased, with a series of high-grossing productions filmed on location in recent years.

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 “Filming on the site will raise awareness and exposure of the area and district as whole and attract tourists and visitors who will resultantly use and boost local businesses.”

The planning authority will make a decision by February 7.


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