A THEATRE and cinema in Wallingford is doubling up as a banking service after third bank closure in the town.

The Corn Exchange in Market Place will be have a ‘community banker’ in the foyer of the theatre every Thursday from February 2 until the middle of July.

It was announced after the news that Lloyds Bank, also in Market Place, will be closing at the end of the month.

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NatWest, which was in the High Street, was the first to close in 2017 followed by Barclays, in Market Place, which closed in August last year.

Johns Evans, marketing director of the Corn Exchange, said: “There will be a Lloyds ‘Community Banker’ in the foyer of the theatre to help customers with any banking requirements.

“Although many people now bank online there are some that require a more personal service and we're delighted to help out.

“Since 1978, The Corn Exchange has been supporting the town through arts and culture as well as contributing to local initiatives.

“The workshop has created a number of models for the annual bonfire, the Sinodun Players drama group has been involved in events such as the Christmas fair, we have supported Bunkfest as a key venue and many local groups have used our spaces for meetings.

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“This latest initiative helps preserve a communication link to banking in the town for those people wanting to speak to a human rather than a machine.

“We are pleased to offer this facility so that our townfolk can continue to have a personal banker."


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