PEOPLE living in an Oxfordshire village have criticised plans to install eight broadband masts.

Airband, a broadband service provider, has applied to South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, to erect the 11 metre wooden poles to hold an antenna or aerial in Lewknor with 9.3m visible above ground.

The company says it wants to create an ultrafast fibre network in the area.

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Though residents ‘understand the imperative of broadband’, many are concerned about the appearance of the poles in a conservation area as well as being in front of many homes.

District councillor Caroline Newton said residents would like to see Airband either ‘bury the cables, to use existing poles, or to negotiate with residents where new ones might go’.

The company has previously applied for six smaller poles but the council rejected this. A full decision will be made by tomorrow (February 2).


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