A JUDGE has warned a teenager caught with a kitchen knife about the dangers of carrying a blade.

Noah Curley was arrested on January 16 this year after his mum called the police fearing for her son’s safety.

The 18-year-old had grabbed a kitchen knife from his address in Broadmarsh Close, Grove, after being assaulted and robbed.

He wanted to track the offenders down and get his phone back.

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He was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on Wednesday (February 28).

Sentencing the teen to four months imprisonment, suspended for two years, Judge Maria Lamb said: “There’s no suggestion you did, in fact, brandish the knife.

"You may say you wouldn’t have used it but that is the problem with knives in the community.

“You have been disarmed, someone could have used it against you. You might have panicked. There is a potential for disaster.

“You’re young and you haven’t been in trouble before. There’s no doubt that what you did was so serious that it has to be marked by a prison sentence.

“I’m just persuaded that it’s possible to suspended that sentence here because there’s a realistic prospect that you will never do anything like this again.”

Opening the case, prosecutor Kathy Oliver explained Curley had been assaulted after a night out by two other people.

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“He returned home and took a knife from his house and went out to look for the people who robbed him," she said.

“His mother was concerned for his safety and called the police. He was arrested outside his home and had a kitchen knife inside his waistband.

“They had the robbery reported to them and had already arrested the robber and he was in custody when they received the called from Curley’s mum.”

Curley was taken to hospital after his arrest due to the injuries sustained from the assault and robbery.

During Curley’s defence, it was heard the teen has Asperger's and is currently in between jobs due to a dispute with his old manager about pay.

It was added that Curley had made a ‘poor decision’ and would be ‘unlikely’ to find himself back in court again.

Judge Lamb responded: “There are a lot of fatalities from those poor decisions.”

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Curley will also need to complete a mental health treatment programme, 14 rehabilitation activity days and pay £400 in court costs.

The defendant’s mother was praised by Judge Lamb and Curley was urged to take example from her.

She said: “Your mother should be commended for her very responsible actions. She did the right and responsible thing.”