The latest weather forecast for Oxfordshire has been updated by after some residents in parts of the south woke up to snow.

A yellow weather warning for snow was issued by the Met Office on Saturday (March 2) for parts of the south west.

Though the unexpected snowfall did not impact Oxfordshire, the Met Office warned motorists to avoid driving in the snowy conditions near the west of the county.

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It is unlikely the county or the rest of the south east will receive any more snow in the coming days.

"It's going to be staying cold through the weekend across the UK but there will be some drier and brighter for Sunday," said Met Office forecaster Annie Shuttleworth.

The latest hour-by-hour forecast for the next few days in Oxfordshire is as follows:


12PM to 5PM – Highs of 5° and cloudy with chances of light rain and sunshine

5PM to 8PM – Highs of 4° and cloudy

8PM to 12AM – Highs of 3° and cloudy


12AM to 6AM – Highs of 1°

6AM to 12PM - Highs of 5° and cloudy

12PM to 5PM - Highs of 8° and cloudy with chances of sunshine

5PM to 12AM – Highs of 6°


Highs of 9° and lows of 1°, with cloudy weather throughout the day and rain expected on Monday evening


Highs of 10° and lows of 5°, with cloud and chances of sunshine