Fire reignites debate over closing Didcot A power station

6:49pm Friday 24th October 2014

THE fire at the Didcot B power station shocked residents in the town, who feared there could be a gas explosion.

COMMENT: This will help reassure many old people

Herald Series:

10:00am Wednesday 15th October 2014

OXFORDSHIRE’S ageing population has been described as the county’s “number one health care challenge”.

COMMENT: Result of A34 objection could prove costly

10:00am Wednesday 17th September 2014

IT seems astonishing that an objection from a parish council could scupper an £11m scheme for new slip roads at the Chilton interchange on the A34.

Town was shaken by two events

8:09am Thursday 31st July 2014

THERE’S a point on top of the old railway line from Didcot to Upton from where you can see the three remaining cooling towers of Didcot Power Station to the north and the footbridge where Ben Blakeley throttled his 17-year-old former girlfriend Jayden Parkinson to death to the south.

Grease is the word for show-stopping youth

2:08pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

BRACE yourself to be transported back in time to 1950s America for Wantage Junior Showstoppers’ annual summer show.

COMMENT: Volunteers must not be allowed to go to waste

10:00am Wednesday 30th April 2014

IT seems a shame that a pioneering scheme covering Oxfordshire to help the elderly has been abandoned because of a lack of funding.


8:01am Thursday 13th February 2014

Sir, You report the fact that the consultation draft of the Drayton Neighbourhood Development Plan has been adopted by the parish council.

Pam's a credit

8:00am Thursday 13th February 2014

Sir, As part of a family Christmas present package for body and mind, my wife and I had the pleasure of being entertained last Wednesday at Didcot’s Cornerstone theatre by Pam Ayres, who showed, that, contrary to the trend of so many so-called comedians on stage and TV, entertainment can be provided without bad language, innuendo, rude gestures and filth associated with bodily functions.


7:58am Thursday 13th February 2014

Sir, In reply to Francis Sketch’s letter (January 8) suggesting that the local council, apart from the Grove airfield site, does not bother with the necessary infrastructure improvements with the smaller sites such as the Chain Hill area, Stockham Farm and other sites in Wantage, Grove, and Challow.

Blurring lines

7:56am Thursday 13th February 2014

Sir, I wholeheartedly agree with (headline, Herald, January 22, ‘Grove fears identity loss’), in response to more housing being given the go-ahead at Stockham Farm and thus blurring the lines between the village of Grove and the town of Wantage.

Safety first

7:53am Thursday 13th February 2014

Sir, Thank you for your coverage of the proposed moving of the pedestrian crossing in Marcham Road and the placing of a further crossing in Ock Street.

Blessing turns into a curse as our landscape is waterlogged

Herald Series: COMMENT: Villagers are still not any better off

1:36pm Monday 13th January 2014

WE are blessed to be in one of the greenest corners of the country here in South Oxfordshire, with beautiful rivers like the Thames, Ock, and Letcombe Brook painting a patchwork through our landscape.

Be inspired by those on the Honours List

Herald Series: COMMENT: Villagers are still not any better off

10:52am Friday 3rd January 2014

FIRST of all, we would like to wish all our readers and advertisers a happy New Year.

Reopening of road is an early present for motorists

Herald Series: COMMENT: Villagers are still not any better off

10:51am Friday 3rd January 2014

THERE aren’t many thrills to be had as a driver these days on Oxfordshire’s congested roads.

Relief all round at reopening

7:00pm Thursday 21st November 2013

ALMOST a year ago, subsidence caused a huge crack in the A4183 Oxford Road between Abingdon and Oxford and the key route has been closed ever since.

Importance of learning from past

10:37am Monday 18th November 2013

“The importance of today is to tell the youngsters what happened so that we stop it ever happening again”.

Wantage can serve as example to the others

2:24pm Monday 11th November 2013

WANTAGE has come out this week as a shining example of how to run your town centre. The market town has managed to halve its number of empty shops in the past year.

Sympathise with those near the site

7:00pm Thursday 24th October 2013

WE sympathise with villagers living near the site of a proposed new solar farm on 120 acres of land near Appleton.

Getting the balance right on weight

9:00am Thursday 3rd October 2013

IN OUR modern, image-obsessed age, there is a fine line to be drawn between healthy and sick.

Tireless teams ensure waters run clean

3:01pm Wednesday 25th September 2013

RIVERS are the veins and arteries of our beautiful rural region; they keep our vales green and our trees tall. So the news that 66 out of 84 Oxfordshire rivers are failing to meet a good ecological standard should worry us all.

Do we get better service from MPs?

1:00pm Thursday 19th September 2013

WHEN did you last see your MP?

Fundraising is paying dividends in laboratory

3:18pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

ABINGDON dad James Phillpott was devastated when his daughter Amber died from a rare form of leukaemia when she was just 18 months old.

Our debt of gratitude to responders

9:18am Wednesday 4th September 2013

IT’S comforting to know that there is a band of unsung heroes called volunteer community first responders who are ready to spring into action when there is a medical emergency.

Reminder of Wave's value to residents

11:46am Friday 16th August 2013

WHEN Jacob Knight saw a pal at school with a serious health problem, he decided he wanted to do something to help others.

Winning the war on costly farm thefts

4:53pm Saturday 10th August 2013

THOSE living in the countryside must welcome Thames Valley Police’s commitment to fighting the criminals who steal from vulnerable and isolated farms.

Should road repair really take that long?

9:35am Monday 24th June 2013

It almost smacks of that hackneyed old gag — there’s a hole in the road and the police are looking into it.

Hope of no more delays in deciding store plan

3:19pm Sunday 16th June 2013

The last thing store giant Morrisons wants is to present a planning application that is rejected by councillors.

Plea to keep Vale's toilets open

5:27pm Sunday 3rd February 2013

Sir, This may sound a little indelicate, but can I send out a plea to the Vale council on behalf of those who use and really need the public toilets in Abingdon?


5:25pm Sunday 3rd February 2013

Sir, I feel I must take your correspondent, Rodney Davis, to task for not understanding the location and sequencing of the traffic lights at the Lamb crossroads in Wallingford.

Relied upon

5:24pm Sunday 3rd February 2013

Sir, On behalf of all the residents of the Vale, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who have organised and maintained our public services, particularly our postal and waste collection services, throughout all the recent bad weather. How sad it is, then, to report the figures of attendance of our elected councillors at a general licensing committee meeting held at Vale HQ in Abingdon on Monday, January 21 at 2.30pm. The Conservative chairman and vice-chairman were both absent. Neither had arranged a substitute. Four other Conservative members of the committee were absent. They, too, had failed to arrange a substitute. Two Conservatives were present as expected. Of the seven opposition committee members expected, only one was absent, and they had arranged a substitute. True, the weather may have made it harder for some to attend, but on that day, snow was melting, the vast majority of the roads were clear, and the forecast for our area, at least, was fair for the afternoon.


5:23pm Sunday 3rd February 2013

Sir, With regards to the recent heavy snowfall and associated problems this generates, I am writing to express how disgusted I have been at the state of School Lane and the Millbrook School/Old Mill Hall car park at the end.

'Stitch in time'

5:20pm Sunday 3rd February 2013

Sir, I was surprised to read Carol Tomlinson’s letter (Herald, January 23) regarding money spent on weed killing in Wantage and Grove.

'Hard sell'

5:18pm Sunday 3rd February 2013

Sir, I was interested to read the article in the Herald (January 16) about the trend for Oxfordshire schools to become academies.

Why change?

5:16pm Sunday 3rd February 2013

Sir, The Herald two weeks ago reported councillor Melinda Tilley, Oxfordshire cabinet member for education, as “being concerned about the authority’s growing loss of control as more schools become academies”.

Gushing water

5:13pm Sunday 3rd February 2013

Sir, This time last year we were being told that there would have to be a hosepipe ban but since last Wednesday, January 16, mains water has been gushing from both sides of our road.

Moments to be treasured

11:17am Wednesday 11th July 2012

THERE can be few events in recent memory that have attracted the same level of excitement as the Olympic Torch visit.

Rotary played valuable role in town events

4:57pm Thursday 14th June 2012

Wallingford Rotary Club was formed in the 1960s and has been raising thousands of pounds for charity ever since.

Memories of jubilee will burn brightly

2:24pm Sunday 10th June 2012

LONG after the last embers of the beacons have faded, memories of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend will burn brightly in the memories of Oxfordshire residents.

Happy birthday, Sir Frank

9:30am Wednesday 16th May 2012

Moments after the end of the Spanish Grand Prix, F1 pundit Eddie Jordan described the Williams F1 team as a ‘minnow’ that had made it back to the big time.

Keep jubilee celebrations to sensible limits

9:49am Wednesday 9th May 2012

The amount of money a town spends on celebrating an occasion such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is always going to be a bone of contention.

Weather can be relied on for one thing only

4:46pm Wednesday 2nd May 2012

The weather in this country can at least be relied on for one thing — constantly changing.

Cinema is a major asset to town of Wallingford

3:33pm Wednesday 25th April 2012

Drama group the Sinodun Players, which runs the Corn Exchange in Wallingford, relies heavily on the cinema to boost funds covering the cost of repairs.

Parkinson's sufferer should be admired for honesty

10:32am Wednesday 18th April 2012

YOU have to admire Alan Wharton’s honesty and the way he has shed light on the plight of sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease.

Poignant and pioneering

3:41pm Thursday 12th April 2012

Villagers in Long Wittenham should be congratulated for coming up with a pioneering and poignant initiative to help save victims of heart failure.

Gallantry award is thoroughly deserved

10:13am Saturday 31st March 2012

It’s perhaps no exaggeration to say that bomb-disposal experts from Didcot’s 11 EOD Regiment have the toughest job in the world.

Done with the best of intentions

6:10pm Wednesday 14th March 2012

Chris Harris is a well-respected headteacher and pupils at Larkmead School in Abingdon are lucky to have him.

Is it too late to turn the tide?

1:59pm Thursday 8th March 2012

Protests regarding the Environment Agency’s plans for a £2.5m replacement of Northmoor Weir are growing almost daily.

A welcome to make you return

6:00pm Wednesday 29th February 2012

COUNCIL car parking statistics show that shoppers are heading to Abingdon, Wantage and Faringdon to take advantage of the two hours’ free parking on offer.

Time to review this decision

12:44pm Wednesday 7th December 2011

DI Mashiter, the headteacher of John Mason School in Abingdon, is understandably concerned after the county council withdrew its free bus service for families living in Drayton.

Towering kind of imagination

2:20pm Wednesday 2nd November 2011

LAST year, Didcot A, the coal-fired power station with six 99-metre cooling towers, celebrated its 40th birthday.

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