Sir, When I saw the proposed refurbishment of the Bury Street precinct — it must have been a few years ago — I took an instant dislike to it.

I wasn’t aware of any progress until I went into the town a few days ago to find that those wonderful vandal-proof benches had been removed (so those mythical yobbos can’t sit on them?).

Actually, those benches were very popular and in constant use, so their removal couldn’t have been by popular demand.

In addition, the removal of the canopies means no shelter from the rain unless one goes for a cup of Costa coffee. What is worse, even the chippy has gone.

It is obvious that the people who actually visit the precinct were never consulted. And whoever designed it had no intention of ever going there.

So what was once a public facility is to be no more than an extension of the High Street.

Forgive me for my ignorance but was there ever any consultation? If so, when did it happen and who attended?

G L Samson Preston Road Abingdon